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You, me... we

Baby I love you. I have a letter that I have to get to you. Every day I feel you. The further your away you are, the stronger our bond. I know that you are for me, and I for you. We are them. The men that win, we are so full of love inside and out that it's not just a pleasure to please each other but a selfish desire. I don't even know the 5W's and I'm clueless on how but I am so happy with you. There's a lot to love in this lifetime and I know all things come full circle. The earth is round. Milk is White chocolate. Take the two as liquids and pour into separate glasses. Only we know the difference between the two. Ben it's always going to be me and you. I can't take this distance anymore. I need no tests, trial or loopy loops. My heart beats blood because of you. If I have to post something new everyday, trust me I'll do so if it helps you reassures you that I love you irresistibly all the way through.
You treat me with unruly respect and you'll …
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ALWAYS remember that real eyes, realize, real lies.  I do remember saying recently that I owe you an apology. Here goes nothing: of course, you know this comes with hand delivery I hoped there'd be A degree of separation, wishful thinking.
I have this thing about going one way, so, in coming, do measures completely on my reverse Flags were pulled and whistle blown on this last play As the official’s huddle, I’ll go ahead and give testimony:
I ask for you forgiveness, and forbearance for the time in between I do recall the moment I asked you to show me, and not tell me. I reluctantly, fought with myself trying to understand, but for why? Then, it came to me as I lay next to my phone, stillness indoors Heavy rain poured outdoors, A/C going steadily, hogs called from N to S Eyes closed, body stretched out on the couch.
I began to write, yellow legal pad and ball point pen. Letting go all these bottled up emotions, Because I can’t ignore them anymore. Fxckery has occurred befo…

Happiness: it yours

Why are there so many miserable lives walking around? 
I come to this summation by lack of evidence for true motivational drivers. I couldn't figure out why so many people have notions about my life and what I do? I had been in a space in life as to where I wasn't caring beyond the mutual benefit of being employed, to give more insight to the job. My satisfaction was less than average so therefore I exuded similar behavior. I knew that at some point to change my thoughts due to them becoming actions, leading to habits. I grew and sought more. I toggled between the two spaces but what was so interesting to see were the effects that people around me had. Heavily, even within my own household were the snakes hidden amongst the garden. Individuals would play Russian roulette with my solidarity to see if they could find something out about my whereabouts but not be helpful or concerning but discerning at the very least. I could do nothing less than giggle because I think of a mantra…

My very first post

I'm totally excited about me! And yes for many that know me (-how typical of me). But many only see the exterior and that's even for the ones in my inner. I have an everlasting fortress of walls defending my true identity. I give the world, per relevance the real me but I'll never conceal the inner me. I have had a tough past year. It was plagued by the demise of an ill willed relationship and because the sun rose that day and so it did every other day thereafter. I made it through and it was logical to continue but I wasn't able to flourish peacefully as I am as this new me. I have finally made it to the other side at my job and its starting to get like Wells Fargo when it comes to the comradely. I could be happier and that I intend to do. I am glad to have progressed from the last place of rest. I was in la la but and I wanted to Walla. Therefore I did. I had the chance to grow. Oh how I enjoyed that so but every yang has a ying and I like to be somewhere in between …

Love found me!

My head is above the water and I can breath!I come to you so humbly to say hello, hello, hello WORLD. OH how I have missed thee. It has been six months since my last post but it has been about a year since I have thrown my heart into this art platform. I'm sure everyone is living just fine in and out of love, up and down hills of their life journey, laughing and crying at food stains on your favorite shirt and drunken nights with your family, friends or lover. Carry on.

I have been a prisoner of myself for the past year. Everything that I was going through was slowing me down and I didn't know how to stop it. I felt helpless. I couldn't find myself. This may sound weird but it seemed as if I was having an outer body experience. I tried time and time again to regain control but there was always that one thing. That one thing that got me caught up on the next thing and before you know it I had nothing. Not literal things but nothing inside me to push me forward. I was holdin…

Dear Future (not the artist; my life),

I can’t wait to embrace the warmth of the sun that lights up your day. I run to the entrance of the door that locks you away from me. Behind the door lies the rest of me; a whole picture that is missing no pieces to the puzzle. If someone tries to look at the picture it might be blurry or skewed a little but that is only for the untrained eye. See, Future I know the growth that occurred by the time you will arrive and be all that I dream of and strive to be.  I will be the guy who no longer is insufficient in any area of being: education, fitness, style, love, adventure by my own standards. The ground will not feel the same and that has nothing to do with being in another city or town but each step carries weight of a strong man, confident man, thrill seeking man, purposeful man. No longer will my days be used as a ticking clock waiting for my next financial bandage package. I won’t have to feel the need to squander all my money at the want of all my selfish desires.  The same old so…

Come thru and Deliver!

School's finale for fall semester was the beginning of the winter: cold, isolation, hibernation and darkness filled this past winter with excitement. Cold? Boy, was it a COLD winter break. The warmth of  love and cheer from Thanksgiving was overshadowed and the cool breeze of winter stormed in; smacked me dead in the face! No warning, no signals, alarms, alerts or reminders came to my aid saying, "winter has arrived: proceed with caution." All the brains in the world know that after fall comes winter. Right?

Happiness had blinded me of the changing seasons and this is why winter took me by surprise. I did notice that my wardrobe started to require pants and a cardigan some days but right back to the shorts the next. I had fun in the sun daily even when life wasn't a beach. School was going great, I was working part-time and I had a token in a pocket.... So I thought!

I had been cycling up the wrong side of the mountain road for a minute. One sunny day out of no where…